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Mooseboy Alfonzo and His Prairie Troubadours proudly present

duckmauler and Mooseboy Alfonzo

John Quincy Adams
                    - Circle Head Man Extraordinaire

My brother, the Sid Mangler of Duck Mangler and the Radioactive Nuns, inherited his hair from Mom's side of the family. That is to say male pattern baldness is his lot in life. To some extent, my other brother suffers from the same thing.

I, on the other hand, have Pop's side of the family and still sport a full head of hair.

So what's a guy to do in a case like this? As they say, "when you've got it, flaunt it".

As mentioned in my manifesto, my brother and I have a mutual friend from many years ago who decided to go by the nom-de-plume of duckmauler (very E.E. Cummings).

We have hair, they don't, so let's annoy them

And one day I get an email from duckmauler suggesting we collaborate on a song to celebrate my brother's folliclely-challenged lifestyle. We worked remotely, with one or the other suggesting the song to parody, working out the lyrics together, and duckmauler usually performing vocal duties. We dubbed our efforts The Circle Head Man Series and comb-over  fans around the world (both of them) rejoiced.

Click a Circle Head Man to go to their song

Let Your Hair Fall on the Floor
No-Hair Man
Jheri Curls
Let it