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And, yes indeed, here we are:

The Instant Classic Opus Series

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Mooseboy Alfonzo - I'm That Type of Guy

The Latest Opus - February 2013

The long wait is over! Mooseboy Alfonzo and His Prairie Troubadours are back with a vengance, taking on LL Cool J's "I'm That Type of Guy"..

The Other Opuses

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                            That Type of Guy

Need You Now
Spirits in the Material World Miss
One Thing Leads to Another I Wanna Be Sedated
Crazy Train
Play That Funky Music, Mooseboy
So Very Crazy on You
Flirtin' With Disaster
Don't Cha-Cha-Cha
Fight the Power
The Missing Opus
That's the Way (I Like IT)
Welcome to the Jungle
Rebel Yello
Cat Scratch Fever
Get the Party Started

Rules for an Instant Classic Opus

There is a method to my madness here, folks. I always follow the same guiding principles when creating an opus:
  • Stick closely to the original lyrics, though you have to "lounge" them up. Exception here may be "Play That Funky Music, Mooseboy" where I kept the meter and rhyme scheme of the original, but changed the lyrics to be autobiographical.
  • Get the lyrics down. While I stray some from the original lyrical path, I work it all out in advance. There's almost no improvisation to my vocal performances.
  • Play as little as possible. I play parts here and there, but by and large I use software to generate the basic tracks. I then edit, re-voice, and generally mangle the heck out of them. I'll also compose a part if needed. If I have to, then I'll play a part.
  • Include either an oboe, tuned percussion or both. When my daughter was growing up and playing in band at school, she played oboe or tuned percussion. So every opus gets one, the other, or both.
  • Sampling adds context. The samples are meant to provide deeper meaning to the opus, therefore they "fit" the song itself. For example, in Crazy Train, during Lisa Simpson's speech, you can hear "The Yellow Rose of Texas" in the background. That's because Emily Dickinson's poetry can all be read to the tune of "Yellow Rose".