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The Pretzel Sisters (Mamie and Trixie)

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The Pretzel Sisters

Houdini film poster
So, my guitarist from The Tim Tew Four days, my music teacher who taught me to play guitar and bass, and I have remained friends over the years. He's really my brother's age, so he's friends with him as well. We've recorded together over the years, notably my first recordings as The Gestapo.

One weekend, I went down to visit him in Jacksonville with the intent of recording a new tune. We had nothing in mind, but that was the intent. I suggested that, due to our limited time, we apply my "instant classic" method of recording by taking something existing and mucking around with it. He had some recordings my brother had sent him (you'll note, my brother does not share his work with me anymore - not after I proclaimed it all "music for The Weather Channel).

While we were messing around, we took a break and found his wife watching Houdini, with Tony Curtis and Janet Leigh. It was the scene where Houdini is working as a sideshow attraction alongside other acts. We saw this act named "The Pretzel Sisters - Mamie and Trixie", and I proclaimed "That's our band name. I get to be Mamie."

Later, I watched the movie again (this time sober) and noticed they were The Pretzel Twins (not Sisters), but I think Sisters is cooler anyway... :-p

Meet Me in Iceland

The Pretzel
                      Sisters - Meet Me in Iceland
Our first collaboration came from that fateful weekend. Click here to hear it and the song that inspired. Or just Meet Me in Iceland.

Teenage Japanese Schoolgirl

The Pretzel Sisters - Teenage Japanese

After a very long hiatus, Meet Me in Iceland finally got me back to writing my own song lyrics and melodies. The next time I went to Jacksonville (we saw Blondie and Devo in concert - awesome!), we recorded this little ditty, Teenage Japanese Schoolgirl. It's not what you think it's about....unless you think it's about teenage Japanese schoolgirls, then, well, yeah, you're probably me there...

Night of the Beagle (NSFW)

Night of the Beagle
Our third collaboration brought us back to my brother and his back catalog. This time, we chose his oddly titled "Night of the Beagle" to enhance and improve. Be warned, this one's a little personal. Also, a little complex. Also, pretty darn offensive.

Vince Carter

Vince Carter
Once again, the inspiration was found in my brother's back catalog (and at the bottom of many beer bottles). We found an old cassette tape containing "Stuff That Fell Out of Me" (that's really the title, folks). Vince Carter was an obvious first choice...

The Wayward Worm (NSFW)

Many many years ago (1980's), we hung out together and over many Grolsch beers decided to record into a tape recorder a version of "The Way We Were". It's sick, small children and impressionable young minds really should stay away from this one.

The Wayward Worm <--Click here to listen