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Meet Me in Iceland

The Pretzel
                    Sisters - Meet Me in Iceland

As I said, our first collaboration was born one weekend on a visit I paid him in Jacksonville. Due to our limited time, we apply my "instant classic" method of recording by taking something existing and mucking around with it. He had some recordings my brother had sent him, and I selected one my brother had titled "Meet Me in Iceland".

Meet Me in Iceland (Original Version)

"Meet Me in Iceland" is a good title, one must admit. As is typical of my brother's work, it was instrumental. Sort of a "Variation On The Carlos Santana Secret Chord Progression" tune. It can be found here.

Meet Me in Iceland <--Click here to listen

Meet Me in Iceland (Pretzel Sisters Mix)

Well, that's all very nice and good, but it needed something. That's where we came in. It took some time to figure out where his verse/chorus scheme was (after all, it wasn't really written that way), but I doped it out and together we wrote lyrics. Iceland, honestly, is the not most topic-rich subject I could imagine. I basically made a list of keywords: Reykjavik, glaciers, volcanos, geothermal energy, whaling, Mid-Atlantic Ridge. It became a song mostly about how hard it is to rhyme anything with Reykjavik.

We then went out and found samples to go with it. I take credit for the vocals, the sample of Maria Sharapova (a tennis tournament was going on that weekend), the documentary on geothermal energy, and the instructional lesson at the end. Trixie contributed the whalesong and overall production of the number (as it was his studio). The result is here, isn't that much more interesting?

Meet Me in Iceland <--Click here to listen


I walk as a lonely child
Along the icy Tundric shore
I am afraid to be alive
My walrus tusks are showing

Meet me in Iceland
Take the last train to Reykjavik
Walk from my glaciers to my volcanoes
What rhymes with Reykjavik?

How do you spell Reykjavik?
J (betcha didn't expect that)

It's really just like it sounds

Meet me in Iceland
Along my Mid-Atlantic Ridge
The sad baby whales will be spawning
We can always go back to Reykjavik

What will we do when we're in Reykjavik?
Pet the sad baby kitties in the animal shelter?
Strangle a clown with piano wire?
Have a nice dinner in a small cafe?

Wanna be Donna Summer
Got to be Donna Summer
Wanna be Donna Summer
Got to be Donna Summer
Ba bah bad da bo doh - Yeah Yeah
Ba bah bad da bo doh - Yeah Yeah

Meet me in Iceland
Let's go back to Reykjavik
Two sad babies is too many babies
Why did I try again to rhyme with Reykjavik?