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The Pretzel Sisters (Mamie and Trixie)

Vince Carter

                    Pretzel Sisters - Vince Carter

Once again, the inspiration was found in my brother's back catalog (and at the bottom of many beer bottles). We found an old cassette tape containing "Stuff That Fell Out of Me" (that's really the title, folks). Vince Carter was an obvious first long you knew he didn't mean the basketball star.

An exploration of pure sampling as lyrical content. Also a tribute to the smarmy lecherousness of Frank Sutton's Sgt. Carter.

Vince Carter <--Click here to listen

Sources include:
Gomer Pyle USMC - The Blind Date
Gomer Pyle USMC - Sergeant Carter Dates a Pyle
The Monkees - The Monkees in Texas

Black Bart: Have ya had enough, Nesters?

Mike: The name is Nesmith and if you're gonna scream it out here in the middle of a war, get it right. That's Nesmith!

Peter: I thought Mike's name was Nester?

Vince: Well...uh, well...well, does she have to tag along tonight? Baby, I had big plans for you and me. You said we were gonna be alone tonight, just you and me alone. Come on, baby, I haven't seen you in a whole month.

Bunny: What do you want me to do, Vince? Now Eileen is an old friend of the family, she's staying with me, and I'm not gonna go off and leave her by herself.

Vince: But tonight? Tonight of all nights?

Bunny: Sorry, Vince, it's double-date or no date at all.

Vince: But it's late. Where am I gonna find...

Bunny: Double-date or no date at all!

Vince: Come on, be fair. I haven't seen you for a whole month, and at the last minute you throw me a curve like this? Come up with a guy for a double-date, it ain't fair, it just ain't fair!

Bunny: Double-date or no date at all!

Vince: Hiya, baby!

Bunny: Hi!

Vince: Hey...I just got four words to say: Va-va-va-voom!

Bunny: You're all class, Vince.

Vince: Look, baby, after we finish our drink, how about you and me going for a little walk? I'm dying to be alone with ya.

Bunny: Now don't be silly, I can't leave Eileen alone.

Vince: But she's not alone, she's with Gomer.

Bunny: Well, it's not polite. This is a double-date and we should stick together.

Vince: Well, what for? I did like you asked me, I got a friend for your friend, let her have her own fun. Oh baby, we got lots to talk about...

Bunny: Vince, will you please? I gotta fix the drinks.

Vince: But baby...

Bunny: Open this.

Vince: Come on, let's blow...

Gomer: Shame shame shame!

Bunny: Open this.

Vince: Come on, let's blow...

Gomer: Shame shame shame!

Bunny: Open this.

Vince: Come on, let's blow...

Gomer: Shame shame shame!

Bunny: Well, aren't we getting out?

Vince: Bunny, listen, let's stay out here in the car and let them go on in..

Bunny: Well Vince, we can't do that...

Vince: A minute. A minute. Can't I have a minute alone with ya?

Gomer: Coming out, Sergeant?

Vince: No no, no no, close the door, close the door! Pyle, listen...Bunny and I are gonna stay out here in the car for awhile. Why don't you and Eileen go on in the house and make yourselves at home?

Gomer: Well, heck's sake, we'll sit out here with ya if ya like.

Vince: No no,  in in, get in the house!

Gomer: Okay, sergeant.

Bunny: Vince, we really should go in with them.

Vince: Why? Why? Why can't I have a minute alone with ya? A minute alone. Just you and me alone, just you and me together alone.

Bunny: Okay...we're alone!

Vince: Good!

Vince: There only one's thing worse than Pyle as a man, that's Pyle as a woman. And with no shoes! Heh heh heh...Look, I know it's gonna work out great. Your friend and Gomer will have a good time, and you and me can kinda sneak off and be by ourselves for a while. Heh heh heh heh, you know what I mean? Yeah, this is more like it...yeah, it's gonna be a good evening after all, eh?

Bunny: <giggles> Fresh.

Vince: Well, should we order?

Bunny: Sure, I'm starved.

Gomer: Surprise surprise surprise!

Bunny: Hi, you two!

Gomer: Goodness, fate sure is throwing us together tonight. We didn't expect to find you here. You having dinner, that's why we came by. Sit here at the table, Lou-Ann?

Lou-Ann: Uh-uh!

Vince: Let's see, where were we, uh...? Heh heh heh heh heh you know what I mean?

Gomer: Well, I'll be! Would you believe it, they've made up.

Lou-Ann: It sure looks like it!

Gomer: And without any help from us. They did it on their own!

Lou-Ann: Well, maybe we helped a little, Gomer, just a little.