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Mooseboy Alfonzo and His Prairie Troubadours proudly present

The Gestapo

My first recordings. As a kid, I took lessons at the local music store where my brother also worked. My guitar and bass instructor was the same guy I ended up playing with in The Tim Tew Three/Four.

He also had a four-track recorder., and we were both big fans of The Police.

It started with one simple premise

I started taking lesson on guitar, because my parents were not willing to fork out the investment for a bass and amp unless I was actually going to put effort into it. So I took guitar for a year, then switched to bass. There was a girl, Mimi, who was my first crush, who had her lesson right before mine. Her and I did a few shows later where she did songs she knew and I backed her up on bass. I remember distinctly playing some retirement home and thinking "We shouldn't be playing songs like 'Lyin' Eyes' (about spousal cheating) or 'The Gambler' (where the best you can hope for is to die in your sleep) at a place like this..."

But I digress. Anyhoo, the store regularly had student concerts, and Mimi had done this medley of 50's songs I thought was pretty neat at the time. And then I'd realized: they were all basically the same song. I-VI-IV-V progression. I was taking bass lessons by then, and my instructor and I talked about it one day. I said "great, so really it's all the same. I could take pretty much anything and put it in that format." To demonstrate, we proceeded to play The Police's "Roxanne" to the same chords as the Everly Brothers' "All I Have to Do Is Dream". A few more Police songs, and we decided "let's record it". At 15, my fate as a musical artist was, essentially, sealed...

The Gestapo I (Ode to Mimi)

We proceeded to get together and came up with this little ditty. Here it is, folks, my first recording. I play bass, do the introduction and sing the "basso non-profondo" backup lyrics. We added so many "samples" in this one (consider this was actually pre-sampling), but you can hear things ranging from the local bank's phone time service, a toilet flushing, "Ditty Diego" by The Monkees from the movie "Head", The Beatles' "Yellow Submarine", and The Monkees Theme in Italian all the way to a backwards-masked message I'll leave for you enterprising types to find...

Police songs featured: "Roxanne", "Message in a Bottle", "Canary in a Coalmine", "Man in a Suitcase", "Driven to Tears", "When the World is Running Down, You Make the Best of What's Still Around", "Invisible Sun", "Bombs Away", "De Do Do Do, De Da Da Da", "Spirits in the Material World"

The Gestapo I <--Click here to listen

The Gestapo II (Like a Freight Train)

We finished the main tune and decided we could do another one. I think I suggested a polka we did in The Tim Tew Three at the time called "Freight Train". Remember, we were a lounge act, we played mostly Moose and Elks Clubs...short, but sweet...

Police songs featured: "Don't Stand So Close to Me", "Next to You"

The Gestapo II <--Click here to listen