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The Music

Wayside Jones did some demo tapes and recorded a few of our gigs. I wish I had the tape of us New Year's Eve 1994/95, because that was a great gig for us, but I don't. :-( What do have are these:

Down the River

An original penned by our lead singer. It was inspired by the floods that hit Macon GA that year. Always a fun song for me as a bass player, the part I wrote was very structured, but I felt added a lot to the song.

Down the River <--Click here to listen

Co-Cola and a Goodie

Subtitled "Hangover and a Woodie", another tune composed by our lead singer. The healing power of Coca-Cola mixed with Goody's Powder. You can tell from the bass part I never ascribed to the notion that country music bass had to be boring... No backing vocals here, as I've mentioned in the video portion of this site, the guys didn't always seem to like my vocal contributions here.

Co-Cola and a Goodie <--Click here to listen

I'm Losing You

Yet another original from our lead singer. I always liked this one as it was more rock, less southern, and not country at all.

Losing You <--Click here to listen

Third Time's the Charm

Our lead singer wrote this after his wife had left him for the third time. I told him at the time if she ever came back I'd write a song called "Fourth Time's a Pain in A**". She did, and left again, so naturally I wrote the song...

Third Time's the Charm <--Click here to listen

Dorothy (live)

I got into the songwriting act as well with this little number, what I felt was a pretty polished Nashville-ready number. The premise is Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz comes into a honky-tonk one night. I wrote it in a higher key than I'd normally sing, as our lead had a higher voice than me, but here I'm singing it as well. This is from my last gig with the guys, and the keyboard player really shouldn't have tried to harmonize on that last chorus.

Dorothy <--Click here to listen

I'm Not Your Stepping Stone (live)

I got to sing a few numbers in the act, this being my personal favorite. I'm a huge Monkees fan, and generally this song was well-received whenever we played. At least this time, for the most part, our lead wanker/guitarist (he nicknamed himself "Gutwrench" - a class act) got the FOUR FREAKIN' NOTES right. I was particularly pleased we set off the car alarm on this one.

I'm Not Your Stepping Stone <--Click here to listen

Johnny B. Goode (live)

Another number I sang, again trying to keep the rock part in balance with the country part. We gonna go...all the way home...with $240 worth of pudding...aw yeah.

Johnny B. Goode <--Click here to listen

My Home Place (live)

Another original from our lead singer, we dubbed this one our "Farm Aid" song, if we ever played there. We didn't, but we do have the song.

My Home Place <--Click here to listen

Past the Point of Rescue (live)

A cover of Hal Ketchum, this was always a fun song for me on bass because I basically ignored whatever the actual song's bass part was and did my own thing. A guy in bar (who bought me a beer) once noted my bass playing style is to treat my part as more of a lead instrument. I supposed that's true, I'm there to help keep the rhythm, but often I try to put a subtext that, if you wanna listen, is almost another lead part.

Past the Point of Rescue <--Click here to listen

Down the River (live)

Down the River (live) <--Click here to listen

Co-Cola and a Goodie (live)

Co-Cola and a Goodie (live) <--Click here to listen

I'm Losing You (live)

Losing You <--Click here to listen