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The Videos

As I said, Wayside Jones became enough of a success we played gigs in Atlanta (which, coming from Wayside GA, was a pretty cool thing). The clips below are all from the Bud Ice Boo Bash, held at the Roxy Theater for the Atlanta Sports and Social Club. Sherman, set the Wayback for 1994...

Down the River - The Music Video

This is the "professional" video put together from the footage we took over the weekend of the concert. Things I notice now:

  • Damn, I was skinny
  • I'm wearing my "eye bee M" hat in the early part. Already a geek
  • Also, the Hunter Green Chucks. Miss those guys...
  • Lead guitarist = wanker. Footage coming off the elevator, perfect example
  • The sound for this was the sound check we did prior to the gig

Mooseboy Alfonzo Speaks English

Darn clever, those Canadians

Mooseboy Alfonzo Performs "I'm Not Your Stepping Stone"

I had to get at least one pure rock song in the act, and I'm a huge Monkees fan, so this was the natural choice. Looking back:

  • Lead wanker guitarist can't play FOUR FREAKIN' NOTES. Gad, I despised him
  • My number was the one from our set that got the crowd shouting "Freebird!"
  • My cue to the drummer that we were ending the song was always to sing "No baby, I ain't yo' stepping stone, dammit"

Co-Cola and a Goodie

Another of our lead singer's originals. Looking back:

  • I don't know the guys ever liked my higher-pitched backup vocals on this, but here I think the sound guy gets it right
  • Lead wanker at his chicken-pickin' best
  • Subtitle to this song is "Hangover and a Woodie"
  • A classic example of how I play country music - I refuse to mimic a tuba...

Fast as You

As I said, we did a fair amount of covers, some better than others. Looking back:

  • I think the chick at the start of this video was asking if we knew "Mustang Sally" :-D
  • Fun fun fun to play on bass

Mary Had a Little Lamb

Another cover, we often closed gigs with this number. Looking back:

  • Bass solo!
  • Lead wanker was not ready for the second solo

Before You Accuse Me

And yet another cover. I normally find the blues kind of monotonous as a bass player, but I like this tune. Looking back:

  • A less-obvious, and not as fun, bass solo!
  • One handy-dandy Mooseboy split at the song start
  • The Blues are just an excuse for Lead Wankers to wank

Down the River

Our "signature" tune. An original written by our lead singer. Looking back:

  • The song was written after the floods of 1994 hit Macon GA
  • We closed the gig with this number
  • Lead singer mixes up the words on the last verse, but then again, he wrote it so any way he sings it inherently has to be right, right?
  • You can see another Mooseboy trademark about 3:34 in this video. When I'm playing, and I'm really into my part, my tongue tends to come out :-p

Mooseboy Alfonzo - Wayside Jones Unplugged

And, finally, this. MTV, sadly, chose to run a Cliff Richard marathon instead of this clip...